Earth and Sky

Welcome to the release of my Spring Collection.

Spring is my favorite season. Everything outside is rife with newness and color. Simply stepping outside where I am in the southeast feels deliciously indulgent this time of year.

This collection consists of two seemingly disparate themes that in fact compliment each other well. Blooms in the springtime have always been a yearly comforting reminder that life and warmth and color will always return after the lifeless cold of winter. 

The moon is a constant symbol of change and light in the darkness.

Two motifs of nature, both imbued with meaning of simultaneous change and constancy. Nothing lasts forever, and yet some things will always be. Life and light will always return.  

*These paintings are still wet as of the release date, and will need time to dry and cure before being shipped.

Artwork can be shipped beginning June 1st.

**Free Shipping on Domestic Orders